No Bake Easy To Make

Nappy cakes are, well, not exactly edible. They are mostly made out of rolled up baby diapers (or nappies) that shapes up as a cake accompanied with little ribbons and small decorations. They are usually placed as a centerpiece at baby showers, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Filled with all baby needs such as; hats, cute mittens, cuddly bears, sleepwear and all other practical items for a newborn baby’s essentials. Some other countries gave different names to these cakes, for example diaper cake in the USA. But, they call them nappy cakes in UK, New Zealand and Australia.


Nappy cakes are a perfect gift to celebrate the birth of the new life. They are also well-suited for as a gift to send to relatives, friends or work colleagues who are expecting a baby. Each nappy cake is handmade to order, with the utmost care and attention to detail. As they should be understood as how special and precious a baby gift is. They are varied to be 3, 2 and 1 tiered. Not to forget the tiny mini nappy cakes.

To start off the process, the cake begins with rolling up a single nappy, then adding more and more around in a circle around the core. It’s best to start from the top, as it may as well be 1 single nappy rolled up then work down from there. A 3 tiered cake takes up about 50 nappies each and can be huddled with small gifts inside. Once a layer is done, little presents can be placed between the rolls.

Once all the diapers are in place, little decorations and colourful ribbons can be placed on the cake, to add a bit of pop to it. This can also be achieved with a nappy cake kit, to help guide the creation process. Of course, if the gender of the baby is already known, they might also add appropriate colours of the gender to celebrate that. This makes the creation come alive and give it a really nice high profile.

You could also make this cake out of environmentally friendly materials. This includes cloth diapers and less decorations, as it gets quite expensive. More gifts to hide would be; pacifiers, washcloths, onesies (one piece baby suits for their comfort), mittens, socks and baby supplies like lotions, rash cream and baby wash. It can take less than an hour to make, or possibly even a project of days. Depending on how much time in detail they put into it. They can be plain simple, or decorated fully with extravagant gifts and presents.

Not only is this a chance to give the expectant mom some nice gifts, the gift wrap is also very dainty and useful. Parents expecting newborns will always have the need of diapers and this gives them dozens right from the beginning, presented in a very unique and interesting form. Of course, it would be possible just to present the mom-to-be with a case of diapers, but a diaper cake really shows a nice thought and creative mindset.

In some ways, this cake is just an interesting way to wrap a huge gift, or a group of gifts. These gifts are usually placed towards the middle of the decorated cake and allows for the expectant mother to “unravel” the cake in order to find out what is in the middle. As the diaper cake can be rather large, it is able to hide some rather huge presents.